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Real estate in Hungary

Do you want to buy a house in Hungary or maybe just a holiday property? We are THE expert for real estate in Hungary - especially for houses on Lake Balaton - and have put together more than 400 properties for you, which we personally look after on site. In addition to houses on Lake Balaton, you can also find a villa with a view of Lake Balaton, apartments, various luxury properties on Lake Balaton, a farmhouse in a secluded location, a house in a wine town in Hungary or a commercial property. With a few exceptions, our focus is an area around Lake Balaton and also some distance away in western Hungary.

Buying real estate in Hungary – our portfolio

Due to most inquiries, we quote the price of the properties in Hungary in EUR. Our selling customers book in different currencies. The EUR price may therefore be indicative based on a manually set conversion rate in another currency, which may lead to slight deviations in the event of exchange rate fluctuations. Ask us for final prices.

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Panoramic view, Hévíz property.

ort-city Hévíz
preis-price 703 324 €
wohnfläche-housearea 250 m2
grundstück-plotsize 1500 m2
sclafzimmer-bedrooms 6

Balaton property.

ort-city Keszthely
preis-price 361 300 €
wohnfläche-housearea 270 m2
grundstück-plotsize 440 m2
sclafzimmer-bedrooms 9

Panoramic view, Hévíz property.

ort-city Hévíz
preis-price 350 127 €
wohnfläche-housearea 160 m2
grundstück-plotsize 551 m2
sclafzimmer-bedrooms 4
11366 Modern family house with lots of extras and complete furniture is for sale in Hévíz, at a calm, dead end street.

Modern family house with lots of extras and complete furniture is for sale in Hévíz, at a calm, dead end street. Hévíz...

ort-city Hévíz
preis-price 598 000 €
wohnfläche-housearea 369 m2
grundstück-plotsize 793 m2
sclafzimmer-bedrooms 4
66001 Pension with 38 rooms and a restaurant capable to serve 150 guest is for sale 300 metres form Lake Balaton and 200 metres from the New Yacht Club. It needs complete reconstruction!

Pension with 38 rooms and a restaurant capable to serve 150 guest is for sale 300 metres form Lake Balaton and 200 metres...

66001Commercial properties
ort-city Gyenesdiás
preis-price 1 000 000 €
wohnfläche-housearea 2119 m2
grundstück-plotsize 3441 m2
sclafzimmer-bedrooms 40

ort-city Alsópáhok
preis-price 58 823 €
grundstück-plotsize 2960 m2

Panoramic view, Balaton property, Property with privacy.

ort-city Gyenesdiás
preis-price 89 000 €
grundstück-plotsize 905 m2
77393 A building plot is for sale in the center of Heviz, a 5-minute walk from the thermal lake. Suitable for hotel or apartment building, commercial real estate.

A building plot is for sale in the center of Heviz, a 5-minute walk from the thermal lake. Suitable for hotel or apartment...

ort-city Hévíz
preis-price 495 000 €
grundstück-plotsize 861 m2

Panoramic view, Commercial properties.

ort-city Zalacsány
preis-price 280 000 €
wohnfläche-housearea 6500 m2
grundstück-plotsize 8008 m2
77206 8000 <sup>2</sup> development plot is for sale nearby ZalaSprings golf court! Kehida Thermal Spa and Zalacsány fishing lake are close as well!

8000 2 development plot is for sale nearby ZalaSprings golf court! Kehida Thermal Spa and Zalacsány fishing lake...

ort-city Zalacsány
preis-price 280 000 €
grundstück-plotsize 8000 m2
77335 A unique investment opportunity!

A unique investment opportunity! Panoramic view, Commercial properties.

ort-city Zalacsány
preis-price 280 000 €
grundstück-plotsize 8008 m2
77336 A unique investment opportunity!

A unique investment opportunity! Panoramic view, Commercial properties.

ort-city Zalacsány
preis-price 245 000 €
grundstück-plotsize 7000 m2
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Our services for buyers and sellers

We are the experts for real estate on Lake Balaton with the most varied offer and
high-quality, personal advice and support 7 days a week.  


Whether you are looking for a house, apartment, plot of land or commercial property, we provide you with comprehensive advice on location and property selection and actively suggest suitable properties in Hungary according to your criteria. We have years of local expertise and a broad network of private sellers and developers.

Support during purchase

Support during purchase

We offer buyers an all-round service and personally present the properties on site, provide support during the purchase process with multilingual lawyers and are also available free of charge after the transaction for registering and re-registering utilities or arranging tradesmen from our network.

Sales support

Sales support

We offer sellers help with property valuations, create a professional dossier with high-quality photos and appealing texts and market the property via our network and wide-ranging marketing channels in Europe and beyond. A key service in your absence is a matter of course.



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Buying real estate in Hungary – the easy way

No matter whether you are emigrating to Hungary, looking for a holiday home or a retirement home – we will be happy to help you find the right home. In addition, we support you with our personalized on-site service offering to make your life and your integration in Hungary easier - even after the purchase. We stand for simple and quick processing with Swiss quality. In this way, we ensure that contractual parties are completely satisfied when buying and selling real estate in Hungary!

The benefits and services are commission-free for you as a buyer, regardless of whether you are purchasing a small house with one bedroom or a villa with ten of them. You can find a geographical overview of our properties in Hungary on the map. Please put together your favorites for us or leave us your search profile if you haven't found your dream property; this simplifies our collaboration. We would also be happy to actively make suggestions based on your search criteria – just ask us.

Would you like to buy one or more properties in Hungary?
These are your advantages with us as a partner

As one of the largest real estate providers in Hungary, we stand for quality, experience and professionalism. You can rely on us to take care of your project quickly and reliably - with everything that goes with it. You will always receive a response to your inquiry within 24 hours and we promise that we will personally and individually address all your questions and requests.

References of our clients

5 star

"Sollten Sie je auf die Idee kommen, in Ungarn eine Immobilie zu erwerben, dann nur mit Ungarn-Immobilien.ch. Der zuständige Inhaber ist einfach mit Gold nicht aufzuwiegen. Sie erhalten eine "all-inclusive"-Betreuung bis hin zur Anmeldung bei den zuständigen Behörden. Für die vielen Details ist hier gar kein Raum. Ohne ihn hätte ich es wohl nicht gemacht. Jetzt bin ich rundum zufrieden."

Gabriele Kleine

5 star

"Das war vom ersten Kontakt im November 2022 bis zum Vertragsabschluss inkl. Übergabe vom Haus Ende März 2023 eine perfekte und saubere Angelegenheit. Wir haben einen zuverlässigen, kompetenten Fachmann sowie einen guten Freund kennengelernt. Bis bald und auf einen oder zwei Pálinka!"

Gabor Bauer


5 star

"Riesenkompliment. Wir fühlen uns sehr gut aufgehoben bei Euch. Auch das kleinste Anliegen wird sofort gelöst. Durch Euch haben wir die perfekte Immobilie für uns gefunden... Wir können die Ungarn- Immobilien wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Mit Schweizerischem Gruss. Roli und Tanja"

Tanja Bischofberger



You too can buy your property in Hungary

With Swiss quality guaranteed

Have you always wanted to start a new life or build a second home abroad? Or would you rather just drive to your own perfect cottage instead of booking expensive hotels on vacation? Then you have come to the right place. And that is how it works:

1. Browse.
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3. Be happy!

With us as your partner, you will soon be sitting in your own house having breakfast or enjoying the evening sun with a view of Lake Balaton.

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We can help you to buy property in Hungary


ImmobilienmaklerAs English-speaking real estate agents for Hungary, we have many years of experience when it comes to living and working in other countries. We therefore not only help you find the right residential property, but also continue to actively support you with our on-site service. This makes it easy for you to settle into your new home - regardless of whether you want to move to Hungary permanently or are only staying there temporarily.

With our commitment and our local network, we have already helped numerous customers with their relocation - our passion is to accompany people safely through this big change in life. We do this not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with a lot of practical experience from our own hands. You can find out more about me on the contact page.


Why should you buy a property in Hungary

Moving is always exciting - moving to another country is even more exciting. There are good reasons to tackle this project and it may also be worthwhile for you:

The quality of life in Hungary: Due to the constant economic growth in recent years, Hungary has developed into an extremely livable country in which you can work and live in a relaxed manner. It is precisely this reduced stress that inspires many to emigrate.

Low crime: Compared to the UK or Germany, Hungary is clearly the winner here. There has been a notable reduction in crime.

Moderate prices: Combined with the moderate real estate prices and the pleasant cost of living, Hungary offers a more than attractive destination if you are thinking about emigrating.

Have we sparked your interest yet? See for yourself how to buy property in Hungary – and let us help make your life even easier.

What costs you will incur when buying a property in Hungary

Of course, the cost of the property in Hungary itself isn't enough. In addition, there is usually a 4% tax when purchasing the property, legal fees of 1%, your living expenses, the additional costs for your property and the costs for the move. Even if this seems like a financial burden at first, we can reassure you: you can save significantly in Hungary simply through the lower cost of living.

If you are interested in a complete list of additional costs compared to the costs in German-speaking countries (DACH), we have put this together for you on our website under the FAQ section. In summary, the additional costs can be calculated to be around 30-50% of what you pay in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Attractive additional costs, reduced living costs, good economic situation: buying a property in Hungary offers many advantages that can be documented in numbers.

Lake Balaton - real estate in Hungary in a popular travel destination

Lake Balaton is one of the most popular travel destinations and at the same time the largest lake in Central Europe. Living in a holiday paradise would be an understatement, because with its blue water, surrounded by gently rolling hills, you have a truly idyllic environment. It's hard to believe that living here isn't overpriced.

And if the breathtaking landscape isn't too much for you: As a wine lover, you'll never want to leave once you've settled into your Hungarian property. The entire area around Lake Balaton is known for its excellent wines - so you're sitting right at the source. Milk and honey still flow here! Or just wine.

Answers for the most frequently asked questions about real estate in Hungary

You can find answers to most questions in detail on our FAQ page, but we would like to briefly address the most important topics here - if you would like to find out more about them, you can find detailed answers in our articles.

Before you take the step and invest money, you should consider a few important points:

1. Finding a reputable Hungarian real estate website is not that easy. Do your research well and be sure to choose a trustworthy source like ungarn-immobilien.ch - otherwise it can cost you dearly.
2. Think about how big your property should be. There are some restrictions when purchasing land in Hungary when it comes to larger agricultural areas, such as fields, vineyards or forests. Are you a farmer? Do you have close relatives in Hungary? These are all factors that play a role here.
3. Take care of everything bureaucratic in good time with a good lawyer before you purchase the property and house. You don’t want to end up in debt at the end of the day because the property was mortgaged! You can find further details in our article on the 4 most important questions before buying a property in Hungary. We are happy to help with our experienced lawyers who draw up multilingual contracts.

The ideal location of your property in Hungary depends on various factors, not least your personal preferences. We recommend making a short list of the points that are most important to you (such as climate, leisure activities and cultural background) and note the relevant regions and cities. You can then narrow down your search further and select the most beautiful houses in the resulting areas. In the region around Lake Balaton, integration is easy because of the many German and English-speaking Hungarians, even if their own Hungarian skills are still a bit bumpy. Feel free to mark your favorites on our website or provide us with your search criteria - this is the quickest way for us to help you with your search. Of course, as experts we also know the region very well, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Property prices in Hungary have experienced significant increases in recent years. After a sharp increase in prices, which was driven by high demand and rising construction costs, current trends are currently showing more moderate price developments in the market.

In 2023, due to the removal of mortgage subsidies and high interest rates, there was a slight decrease in house prices, with an average decrease of 0.2% nationally. The rising real estate costs are based on factors such as steadily increasing construction costs (approximately 54% since 2010) and economic conditions such as high inflation and continued high foreign demand for real estate in attractive regions.

Experts expect 2024 to be a good year for the real estate market - but in the long term, prices could continue to rise. Demand for real estate remains high.

If you too have a genuine interest in property in Hungary, there is no better time than now. You can find a detailed analysis of property price developments in our FAQ.

As a Swiss, Austrian or German citizen, you do not legally need a residence card. However, if you are staying in the country for more than 90 days at a time, a registration card is mandatory. However, the residence card is necessary for various administrative documents such as health insurance, car registration, telephone cards, etc. Normally, you apply for both cards online at the same time - more information on this can be found in our FAQ on the subject of residence cards. To buy a house in Hungary, all you need is your ID or passport..