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This is my personal blog where I answer frequently asked questions about Hungary, emigrating to Hungary, buying a house in Hungary and living in Hungary. You can follow my blog using the RSS button if you have an RSS feed reader installed. There are various free readers you can easily install as a plug-in.

What are the additional costs for a house in Hungary?

The additional costs for a house in Hungary are a fraction of what they are in German-speaking countries (DACH). For the essential costs of electricity and gas, the prices are about a third or less. Firewood costs about 50-80%. For water and wastewater, the costs are difficult to compare due to very specific municipal prices in the individual countries, but they are about half the price. Comparing household waste disposal is equally difficult. 10-50% of the costs of the DACH countries are incurred in Hungary, depending on the individual comparison communities.

How do I exchange Swiss francs or Euros for Hungarian forints the cheapest way and with what risk?

Exchanging money to buy a house in Hungary or for short-term consumption – the decision to use which provider can vary. The four main options Exchange offices, banks, fintechs and payment service providers have different buying and selling rates and costs but also different risk profiles. Cash exchange is certainly not the cheapest option. Transfer transactions, storage of funds and use of money in banks are more expensive than with online service providers. But depending on whether it is a bank or a payment service provider, not all providers always offer equity protection and are therefore subject to residual risk.

What are the emergency numbers in Hungary?

Anyone thinking about emigrating to Hungary, looking into buying a house in Hungary or already owning a property in Hungary and living partly or completely in Hungary enjoys a peaceful life and rarely thinks about the fact that something could happen. But if something does happen, you should have the relevant emergency number for Hungary to hand. These are the main emergency numbers:

General emergency call 112
Rescue service 104
Police 107
Fire department 105

Can you buy a villa in Hungary or even a palace?

Yes, you can. It depends on taste, investment volume and, in the case of castles, often on personal commitment to the restoration. Depending on the condition, size and location, the price range is between half a million Euro and a double-digit million Euro amount.

How is the Forint Euro exchange rate developing?

If you want to buy a house in Hungary, you inevitably ask yourself the question, at what rate will euros be exchanged for forints and what is the trend. The economic situation, monetary policy as well as supply and demand determine the development of exchange rates. In the last fifteen years, the euro has been on an upward trend against the forint, with a few temporary outliers, and has appreciated by around 65% between mid-2008 and the end of 2023. In mid-2023, this figure was as high as 80% A forecast for the future is uncertain and depends on the personal assessment of the underlying influencing factors.

Where to buy a house in Hungary?

Hungary offers a variety of attractive places where you could consider emigrating there. Basically, a distinction can be made between the city and the country, as well as different regions of Hungary. Depending on your preferences in terms of climate, employment opportunities, cultural offerings and cost of living, you can buy real estate in large cities (Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs, Györ or Sopron), the Balaton region, the northern Hungarian low mountain range, the eastern edge of the Alps, the Transdanubian hills, the low mountain range of Transdanubia and the Small or Great Hungarian Plain. The article gives an overview of decision criteria as well as cities and regions where to buy a house in Hungary.

What are 7 reasons to emigrate to Hungary?

Buying a house in Hungary is often associated with the thought of emigrating. From my own experience and many conversations with emigrants, I can name seven good reasons to emigrate to Hungary: High quality of life, rich culture and history, conservative value base, low crime rate, moderate real estate prices, low cost of living, easy integration.

What speaks for a house purchase at Lake Balaton?

Are you looking for a house in an idyllic and picturesque location? Then the balmy waters of Lake Balaton in Hungary could be the perfect destination for you and your house ! Many of our customers choose the Balaton region and experience over the years confirms their choice. Lake Balaton is an iconic body of water in the heart of Transdanubia, the largest lake in Hungary and the country''s main tourist destination. The breathtaking landscape of the lake, leisure activities (e.g. water sports, fishing, hiking, golf), proximity to attractive major cities such as Budapest and Vienna, easy integration due to many German-speaking service providers and, last but not least, at least medium-term investment security with rising real estate prices clearly speak in favor of buying real estate on Lake Balaton.

How are real estate prices developing in Hungary compared to German-speaking countries in Europe

The development of real estate prices is characterized by a comparatively strong catch-up compared to an average in Europe. If one assumes a lower base for real estate prices in 2010, the increase in prices for real estate in Hungary is enormous compared to the German-speaking countries. On average in the EU, prices rose by 26% from 2010 to 2020 and by a further 15% from 2020 to 2022 alone, while in Hungary prices rose by 185% from 2010 to 2020 and by a further 56% from 2020 to 2022.

How is the living situation in Hungary compared to German speaking countries in Europe?

Housing conditions in the European Union vary greatly in terms of type, size and quality, and the question of whether to rent or own property. Compared to German-speaking countries in Europe, Hungary is a classic country for home ownership. While in German-speaking countries the ratio of ownership to rent is around 50%, Hungary is clearly different with almost 91% ownership compared to 9% renting. Around 73% of housing in Hungary is in the form of houses. In German-speaking European countries, this is more likely to be 34-53% houses and 46-64% apartments. The following article shows the astonishing differences between real estate in German speaking countries in Europe and real estate in Hungary and provides insights into the opposite development of the german speaking countries compared to Hungary in recent years.

Do I need a residence card (Lakcímkártya) and how do I apply for a residence card?

The short answer is:
not mandatory in all cases, but it is helpful.
You do not necessarily need a residence card, a registration card is also sufficient for a stay of more than 3 months in the country. You can get through most of the administrative processes such as opening a bank account and buying real estate in Hungary with a passport from the European Economic Area (EEA) plus possibly a registration card, but there are still some advantages of the residence card.
The residence card has clear advantages in various administrative and official processes. The application procedure can now be completed online in Hungarian, English or Ukrainian. You will need to provide an employment contract, trade license, proof of job search or training or a declaration of non-employment in Hungary, rental agreement or extract from the land register, bank confirmation of sufficient funds, European health insurance card, passport. The following article explains when which right of residence applies and which official documents are required for residence (as of 2023).

Is Hungary a hunting paradise?

Yes and no.
Hungary is a hunting paradise for the approximately 25,000 annual foreign trophy hunters who bring the necessary money as guest hunters. As an expatriate in Hungary, a normal hunting life like in Germany, Austria or Switzerland is hardly possible. As a rule, you are dependent on invitations and hunting companions.

Buying property in Hungary - Which four questions should I address?

The essential questions are:
1. Private search or broker?
2. How do I recognize a reputable broker?
3. Can I buy as much land as I want?
4. Which administrative steps have to be taken into account when buying a property in Hungary?
Since everyone has different preferences and risk profiles, the following explanations can only provide food for thought.