Ungarn Immobilien

After studying business administration with a degree in business administration and a magna cum laude doctorate in organizational theory, I was always involved in change management for 20 years of my professional life, be it as a management consultant or transformation manager.

I had the privilege to get to know various industries and challenges in SMEs as well as in global companies. I advised and supported owners, top managers, CEO and board members to reach their goals. My unconditional commitment to the goals and the people with whom I want to achieve the goals has been valued throughout my life.

I was allowed to live and work in several countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Over time, I have discovered my love for Hungary, the people and mentality. So it made sense to connect one with the other. I spend half of my time in Hungary, but I am always deeply rooted in Switzerland.

I can now also help people with their changes regarding properties, be it a holiday home, a retirement home, a financial return project a commercial property or the dream of emigrating to Hungary. You can also leave your search profile, and we will contact you. If desired, besides all services around real estate brokerage, which I implement with my Hungarian partners, I can also support you with holistic financial, wealth and life planning. 

Due to my personal experience with my own property in Hungary, as well as based on experiences with many customers, I am happy to help on site beyond the property purchase and make my network available.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date about new properties in Hungary, you can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Gettr, Twitter or Pinterest. 

The most direct contact is still a phone call. Don't hesitate to call me or ask for a call-back! I look forward to hearing from you and stand for committed support with Swiss quality.

Dr. Peik Langerwisch
Dr. Peik Langerwisch