Ungarn Immobilien

Do I need a residence card (Lakcímkártya) and how do I apply for a residence card?

The short answer is:
not mandatory in all cases, but it is helpful.
The following article explains when which right of residence applies and which official documents are required for residence (as of 2022). There are many reasons to apply for a residence card. Depending on the length of your stay, you can get through most of the administrative processes such as opening a bank account and buying real estate in Hungary with a passport from the European Economic Area (EEA) plus possibly a registration card, but there are still some advantages of the residence card.

Is Hungary a hunting paradise?

Yes and no.
Hungary is a hunting paradise for trophy hunters who bring the necessary money to hunt as guest hunters. As an emigrant, it becomes more difficult to establish a ''normal'' hunting life as in the home country. The following article provides an overview about hunting in Hungary and the options for foreign hunters.

Buying property in Hungary - Which four questions should I address?

The essential questions are:
Private search or broker?
How do I recognize a reputable broker?
Can I buy as much land as I want?
Which administrative steps have to be taken into account when buying a property?
Since everyone has different preferences and risk profiles, the following explanations can only provide food for thought.