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Luxury family house is for sale in Vonyarcvashegyen, which is building and planned with the most modern technology. It will always be a pleasure to come home to it. Balaton property.

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ort-city  City:Vonyarcvashegy
preis-price  Price
506 393 €
wohnflache-housearea  House area:226,46 m2
grundstück-plot  Lot size:786 m2
baujahr-yearbuilt  Built:2022
etage-floor  Floors:2
schlafzimmer-bedroom  Bedrooms:5
badezimmer-bathroom  Bathrooms:2
wohnzimmer-livingroom  Living rooms:1
küche-kitchen  Kitchens:1
Total size of the family house:
- total net area: 253.52 m2
- lower level: 54.59 m2
- ground floor: 169.42 m2 residential building (125.9 m2 net living space) and 16.46 m2 covered and 27.06 m2 open terrace
- gallery: 19.35 m2
- 2nd terrace: 10.07 m2
- Architectural and technical content: the house is practically a passive house
- Utilities: electricity 3x32A, water, sewage, rainfall storage
Solar panel system sized according to the electricity consumption of the house.
Heating: heating film on the base and ceiling infrared panels per room, currently the most modern heating methodology.
Cooling: dimensioned air conditioning with heat pump or an optional other system.
Cooling/heating: heat pump, heating pipes in the base (floor heating), cooling pipes on the ceiling (ceiling cooling).
Hot water: electricity + storage
Weak current: TV, internet connection, alarm installation in each room.
External car charging connection point installed at the car park.
Connection to the jacuzzi built on the lower terrace, as well as to the more powerful electric grill, an infrared radiator will be installed on the ceiling of the covered terrace for the possibility to use by colder weather as well. The upper wall is from 50 cm Wienerberger smart brick (laser cut, glued), outer layer 2 cm heat-insulating colored plaster, interior walls painted white with washable paint. Due to the absolutely extra brick, the building has no Nikecel, so this type of insulation is better, and the house is practically passive. The windows are made of 6-chamber plastic profile with three layers of glass, a sliding door will be installed between the living room and the terrace.
The garden is sustainable, aesthetic, can be the right place for isolating, mainly planted with evergreens (leyland cypress, bay cherry, almond - because it used to be duke's almond -) with external water connection for irrigation.

Optional extras:
- Kitchen furniture and technical equipment
- Completion / starting the operating process of the pool. The basement of the pool will be built integrated into the terrace, which can be finished with the content and time as required.
- The covered part of the terrace is suitable for the installation of a glass curtain, so it can be enjoyed in all seasons, when it is really needed, it can function as a winter garden.
- The "working room" on the lower floor will be built until it is structurally ready (it includes electricity, water, sewage connections), which can also be completed according to demand (e.g. warehouse, worker room, fitness room, etc.) and on time.
- If the garden is installed with an automatic watering system and a robotic lawnmower, it will be well-kept and well-maintained with minimal effort.

  • 3 layered windows
  • Balaton property
  • Extra quality
  • Golf court nearby
  • Shopping area nearby
  • Solar panel
  • Thermal bath bearby
  • Yacht Club nearby

  • Canalization connected
  • Electric heating
  • Electricity connected
  • Water pipeline connected

  • Cable TV
  • Climatized
  • Internet
  • Other parking
  • Phone
From Spa Héviz:
11,7 km, 17 min.