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4 star hotel project for sale in Hévíz Hévíz property, Commercial properties.

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ort-city  City:Hévíz
preis-price  Price
2 200 000 €
wohnflache-housearea  House area:2211 m2
grundstück-plot  Lot size:5820 m2
schlafzimmer-bedroom  Bedrooms:97
badezimmer-bathroom  Bathrooms:97
Hotel project for sale in the center of Hévíz!

The goal of our project is to construct and present the Zalad'or Hotel Golf & SPA **** hotel complex with 97 rooms capacity that is close by the Spa lake in Heviz. We are using the best technology available that provides the best services and is environment friendly that meets the requirements of todays expected construction standards and market demands.

This project supports new services for those guests who come for recreational purposes but for conference-tourism, and who are involved in various businesses as well. We aimed to protect the environment by using special construction materials and energy efficient technologies for maintaining the facility.

Based on marketing studies, Hévíz city's wide accommodation and other services can be assumed as stable, traditional wellness and health services without using the benefit of todays' latest technologies. The Zalad'or Hotel Golf & SPA **** would aim to fulfill the needs of younger generation and people in business as well with its new innovative solutions.

Location of the project
Hévíz has a unique geographical location - Slovenia, Croatia and Austria is close by, it has the largest 4.4 ha, biologically active health Spa of Earth(!) that is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the area with special mediterrean subclimate. Beautiful natural environment, the Balaton Felvidék National Park and Kis-Balaton borders around it and it is completely free from industrial pollution. It is however relatively easy to reach the larger cities form here like Győr, Pécs, Zalaegerszeg, Veszprém, Székesfehérvár or Budapest. TheFlyBalaton airport in Sármellék is close to Héviz as well so that ensures easy transportation from other countries to the area.

Real Estate information
lot size: 5820 m2
one bedroom apartment with two beds: 87 db
apartment for disabilities: 1 db
two bedrooms apartments: 9 db
total: 97 db

Number of levels: cellar ground-level - two floors - attic - machinery level

Room groups

cellar level: indoor car parking for 97 cars, personnel and employee reception, employee department, hotel and kitchen departments, machinery area

gorund level (entrance level): hotel-hall, coffee house, management, childroom, wellness department with in- and outdoor pools, conference zone for 180 persons, restaurant for 130 people, kitchen for 300 meals, 2 two bedroom apartmens, 1 room for disabilities
I. floor: 26 rooms with two beds, 6 two bedroom apartments
II. floor: 38 rooms with two beds
attic: 23 rooms with two beds, 1 two bedroom apartments
machinery level: heater house, machinery room

Planned coverage information

cellar level: 3.340 net m2
ground floor (entrance level):2.356 net m2
terrace: 398 m2
I. floor: 1.259 net m2
loggies, balconies, terraces: 201 m2
II. floor: 1.259 net m2
loggies, balconies, terraces: 201 m2
attic: 865 nettó m2 built
loggies, balconies, terraces:: 201 m2
machinery level: 131 net m2 built
Net total of levels: 9.210 net m2
loggies, balconies, terraces: 875 m2

Entire built in area of the facility: 2.211 m2 gross
Covered surfaces: 890 m2
Underground facilities covered with green areas on top: 771 m2
Total green areas: 2.334 m2
Number of parking spots: 97

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  • Thermal bath bearby

  • Canalization
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water pipeline

  • Irrigation system
From Lake Balaton:
7.2 km, 11 min.