Ungarn Immobilien

3389  Family house

In order to ensure the uniform quality and atmosphere of the residential park, the developers provide the customers the recommended plans for family houses of different sizes and layouts. New built property, Property with privacy.

Ungarn Immobilien Ungarn Immobilien

ort-city  City:Kajászó
preis-price  Price:92 044 160 Ft
wohnflache-housearea  House area:133 m2
grundstück-plot  Lot size:1086 m2
baujahr-yearbuilt  Built:2022
schlafzimmer-bedroom  Bedrooms:3
badezimmer-bathroom  Bathrooms:1
wohnzimmer-livingroom  Living rooms:1
küche-kitchen  Kitchens:1
energie-energy  Energy efficiency:Energy efficiency
The residential park is located on the half of the way between Budapest and Székesfehérvár, in the so-called Váli Valley. The park is located in the southwestern part of the town, which can be reached extremely quickly and easily by car and public transport from the surrounding major cities as well. The people who are interested in the project can choose from the existing plans of the family houses, or taking into account the individual needs, the team of the creative architects also undertakes the fulfilling of new plans, including the complete construction plans. The competent team can also provide effective assistance in the construction and building of the houses.

  • Double garage
  • Extra quality
  • New built property
  • Property with privacy
  • Shopping area nearby

  • Canalization connected
  • Electricity connected
  • Fireplace
  • Water pipeline connected

  • Cable TV
  • Climatized
  • Internet
  • Other parking
  • Phone
From Lake Balaton:
70.7 km, 43 min.
From Spa Héviz:
170 km, 103 min.